Commonsense employment law advice for businesses

Whether you are a sole trader or managing a large workforce, we can help you navigate and find practical solutions to tricky employment law or HR issues. With no financial monthly or annual tie-ins we  offer  cost effective advice. 

How we can help:

Employment LawDismissals

Employers can find themselves in a position where the employment relationship with an employee is not productive. We can guide you  through the options of how to address such a situation and present alternatives to formal disciplinary and dismissal procedures. However, if a formal procedure is necessary we will ensure you are compliant with the legal duties imposed upon you and minimise the risk of a successful claim.

If an employee has already raised a claim against you then we are able to deal with defending that claim on your behalf to include any necessary Employment Tribunal representation.

Employment LawContracts of Employment

All employers should put  a bespoke contract in place. A poorly  drafted contract  can create difficulties and extra cost for a business. With the benefit of considerable experience behind us we can tailor-make contracts for a reasonable fixed fee cost.

A well drafted written contract allows you to protect your business from a whole host of situations and keeps you compliant with your legal obligations..

Employment LawSettlement Agreements

Exit agreements  or Settlement Agreements have become increasingly popular in recent years. We have considerable experience in this area and can advise you on putting together a package and guide you through the mechanics of the process.

Once a deal is agreed we can seamlessly put together the legal paperwork to record the deal and keep you free from the risk of a claim.

Employment Law


Employment LawTupe Obligations

Employers often overlook their obligations under this piece of legislation. If you are buying or selling a business then TUPE will apply and you will need to comply with the legislation. We can advise you on what TUPE means for the business you are buying/selling and guide you through the mechanics of any information and consultation process which is necessary.

We can provide you with a due diligence report on employment aspects of any business purchase and supply all of the bespoke paperwork necessary to make sure you do not unwittingly breach the TUPE rules.


Employment LawRedundancy and Restructuring

If your business needs to slim down or reorganise then we can advise you on the process. Our approach is designed to achieve a speedy and efficient conclusion which will allow the  business to achieve its goal and  have certainty of cost.

We can calculate redundancy costs and provide all necessary bespoke paperwork involved in the process.


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